Monday, June 29, 2009

Hiro New Trick! WOW!

Hiroya Morizaki I ♥ BMX from VimeoT3T on Vimeo.

This is my trick, not like any other.

I think this trick is now ready to unveil and this trick is the ultimate
tail whip type trick, known as an “air trick”, that I’ve ever created.

I always dream that my trick will be exclusive forever.

Nothing can top the satisfaction of creating an original trick. I
get kicks from knowing that the trick has been never done. I feel I could
engrave my name on the history when I do my own tricks, not following
other’s tricks.

The tricks and style that I’ve created exactly reflect myself. I can
identify myself in them.

Whenever I watch someone’s original tricks, I’m impressed to imagine how he
or she has put their effort into it. I respect everything including the
outstanding imagination to accomplish it.

When I was a beginner, All I could do was copying basic tricks. But Jesse
Puente let me know the importance of being original. I respected riders who
created tricks that I never imagined and pulled it with style.

Yanmer might have created a trend, with his “waving” tricks, which is
recognized as fundamental skills for “new school” tricks. The concept is a
commodity, now and applied in millions of different ways.

In middle of 90’s, there were so many “Chad DeGroot” wannabes in Japan.
Everybody knew Chad and respected him as an ultimately talented innovator. I
supposed Chad might feel something valuable to overcome the pressure as a
vanguard, and I think that is definitely something which to commit your


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